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How your childhood self has shaped who you are at work today
By Michaelle CHENNAF, Independant Contributor
Children naturally do whatever suits them best and are constantly changing, whether physically, mentally, socially, emotionally or spiritually. Today it’s your turn to rewind the clock and reflect on your childhood personality traits!
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Armand Ezerzer
Founder & CEO – Mambo Commodities (cotton trading firm)
By Violaine REYNIER, Marketing & Customer Experience at Ampersand World
Armand Ezerzer is a self-made man – one of those company directors who started with nothing. 23 years ago, he founded the company Mambo Commodities, which has its head office in Paris and has recently set up in Geneva. The company now operates in 5 African countries...

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News in AW’s life

"Apéro du 36" - 2nd edition!
For its second edition, our unformal Apéro du 36 gathered a few dozens of our closest partners in Commodity trading, around selected artists. We had the pleasure this month to welcome Kossi Traore and his amazing sculptures and Diwa with her hand made jewels and home furniture. Thanks to our sponsors Perrier-Jouët and Tapas & Co for their excellent work with the catering!
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DIWA         Kossi Traoré
Commodity Trading Golf Cup
Golf players and amateurs, get prepared! We are working hard on the organisation of the first Commodity Trading Golf Cup! An event that will mix sport, fun and a networking cocktail, more info to come soon!

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CONFERENCE Asia Cotton Outlook
27th April 2016 I Dhaka, Bangladesh
EVENT Happy Hours by Ampersand World - by invitation only
28th April 2016 I Geneva, Switzerland, sponsored by

CONFERENCE Indonesia Electric power Investment
11th May 2016 I Jakarta, Indonesia
EVENT Cyclope Circle Lunch
24th May 2016 I Paris, France
CONFERENCE Nepal Power Investment Summit
31th May 2016 I Jakarta, Nepal

15th June 2016 I Hanoi, Vietnam
EVENT Thomson Reuters Commodities Soirée - by invitation only
21st June 2016 I Geneva, Switzerland
EVENT Commodity Trading Golf Cup - by invitation only
29th June 2016 I Geneva, Switzerland
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