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Autumn is here. Wherever you look, there are people with the wind in their sails. We are on course for the 4th quarter, but first let’s have a little glance astern, so that we can securely lash your organisation’s goals to the sector’s challenges.
Challenge 1: price volatility remains low. Across the globe, the winds have been blowing commodity prices in opposite directions: they are still heading up for industrial commodities, particularly energy products and metals, but are noticeably down for agricultural products...
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A friend and I first had the idea 30 years ago, when we vowed that once we were in a position to do so, we would do our utmost to support Africa. For many years, we didn’t have any real structures in place and our activities were carried out in isolation. In 2012, due to an unforeseen event that happened in an African country, we decided that we had to act quickly and travelled there with a team of surgeons to work on the ground.
Since then, we have carried out several campaigns in Senegal, Niger, Morocco and the Congo...

As you all know, we at Ampersand World love members of the HR team who get involved and, above all, are interested in the company’s strategy, governance and business. After all, their stake in the company goes beyond just managing its human resources.
Lynn is part of these rare people and it is a huge pleasure for us to put her in the spotlight of this issue.
She really knows how to balance commercial issues with her colleagues’ interests.
Lynn has been able to show off the experience she has racked up at major companies, such as Fedex, L'Occitane and Eden Springs.
Don’t change anything, Lynn! You’ve got the perfect blend – try to spread it throughout the HR world.
Morning Magic : se réveiller productif et créer une routine matinale extraordinaire de A. Abedikichi
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