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Although the sun is still shining on the global economy, the markets are much more unstable than is generally perceived, much like at the start of the bursting of the bitcoin bubble, but especially given the spurt of volatility that affected the stock exchanges of the planet at the beginning of February: a hiccup that will be quickly forgotten some will say, but it is reasonable to think that we have returned to a zone of dangers with fragilities that are sensitive to the slightest tremor. This leads to a climate of monetary uncertainty (dollar strong or weak), which influences the prices of commodities...

Heather Bellin is part of these HR that we love working with. Strong drive, business oriented and open minded. She has a strong experience working for trading companies and had a lot of exposure on the energy sector. Some of the well known companies she has worked for are RWE Supply and Trading and Klesch Group. We are delighted to share with you this interview.

Join Geneva’s top executives & team leaders and get fresh insights to cultivate your happy workplace. Ampersand Worls is proud to support the 1st Edition of the Happy At Work Forum. Hear from and discuss with global L&D leaders including Stephen Thoma, former Global Director of Learning and Development at Google as well as Paolo Gallo, Chief People and Culture Officer at World Economic Forum and many others. Spots are limited!!
Productivity, How Do You Get Stuff Done?
by Brendon BURCHARD,
#1 New York Times Bestselling Author. Top 100 Most Followed Public Figure on Facebook.
We organize business events, seminars, Happy Hours and attend major events on commodity trading around the world. Book the dates meet us there!
Happy At Work Forum - An event to gain knowledge, practical ideas, and energy to grow your business.
15th May 2018 | Geneva, Switzerland
2018 Cyclope Circle Annual Report launch
16th May 2018 | Paris, France | Become a member and join now
9th Annual European Bunker Fuel Conference
15-16 May 2018 | Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Quartier des Bains area Common openings.
You are welcome to share a glass and take this opportunity to explore with us our new neighborhood. More details here or just contact us!
17 May 2018 | Quartier des Bains area, Geneva
East Africa Trade & Commodity Finance Conference
22 May 2018 | Nairobi, Kenya
Marine Money Geneva Forum
14 June 2018 | Geneva, Switzerland
2018 IFA 86th Annual Conference
18-20 June 2018 | Berlin, Germany
2018 Gafta London Dinner
19 June 2018 | London, UK
Annual Commodity Golf Cup & Cocktail - By invitation only
28 June 2018 | Geneva, Switzerland
Commodity Trade Finance Conference,
27 September 2018 | Lugano, Switzerland
Asia Pacific Petroleum Conference (APPEC 2018)
24-26 September 2018 | Singapore
Swiss Red Cross Ball 2018
29 September 2018 | Geneva, Switzerland

We are preparing the next Commodity Golf Cup (June 2018). For subscription, please contact
Connect your brand with the World’s Leading Players in International Trade (including commodity) and benefit from a range of professional events to connect with third parties, potential clients, partners, suppliers we have in our network.

This month we support the Swiss Red Cross Ball 2018 «Through the eyes of a child» which will take place in Geneva the 29th of September 2018

Ampersand World supports various foundations contributing to improve education development, all around the world. When you work with us, a percentage will be given to the foundations we support. For more information about the the Swiss Red Cross Ball 2018, please contact
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