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The fate of a bubble is to one day burst. But we never know precisely the day or the hour! The formation of bubbles on the markets is a phenomenon that fascinates both economists and psychologists because it is a subtle mix of rationality (the logic of fundamentals) and irrationality, sometimes bordering on insanity. The reference in this field is of course the bubble on the tulip bulb market in Amsterdam in 1637. But more recently, the earliest CyclOpe readers will remember in 1974 when a pound of raw sugar peaked in November at 65 cents, whereas it was worth only 2 cents five years earlier...

Maimouna is the Founder & CEO of Lantana Consulting, a company commited to implement innovative partnerships and infrastructure solutions between African entrepreneurs, investors and industrialists that will expand regional trade in Africa and facilitate the continent's integration in the globalized economy. She is Consultant for different multinationals such as Sonetrad SA, Tradco Global, OCP (Office Chérifien du phosphate) and many others... She shares with us her experience.
59 seconds to make the right decisions!
By Richard Wiseman Bestselling author and psychologist
It's all about you... We like business celebration with you... A huge thank to our sponsor Cornèrtrader (Online Trading Platform) and Lake (Integrated Finance) for their support.
Plunge into the arcana of the commodities markets
The launch of the Annual Cyclope Circle report is just around the corner! We will be part of the Yearbook presentation which is going to be held in Paris on May 15th. We remind to the members of the Cercle Cyclope that they are more than welcome in Paris.
How to retain great talent?
Hiring employees is just a start to creating a strong work force. Next, you have to keep them. Our latest "HR Lunch & Learn" was very enlightening! Together with a dozen of selected attendees, we had a workshop about how to retain great talent and what are the strategies. A thoughtful debate and an exchange of expertises on the matter, and around an excellent menu! See you in our next edition.
A few weeks to Get Your Golf Swing Ready
Save the date, the Annual Commodity Trading Golf Cup comes back the 27th of June (by invitation only). We are working hard on the organisation of this fourth edition. We are expecting to see many of you!
What's up in our World? Here are some key dates to book & meet us there! Check out our online agenda fuelled each day with events not to be missed.
Happy at Work Forum "Gain knowledge, practical ideas, and energy to grow your business"
14 May | Geneva
Cyclope Circle Lunch & Conference
15 May | Paris
TXF Global Commodity Finance
22>23 May | Amsterdam
Cyclope Circle Lunch
27 May | Geneva
HFW - Trade Commodity Finance Party - by invitation only
Date to confirm | Geneva
Gafta Annual Dinner
12 June | London
TXF Global 2019: Export, Agency & Project Finance
12>14 June | Berlin
Afrodyssée, African trends market
14>15 June | Geneva
Women in business. The Annual Leadership Meeting (Organized by Jeune Afrique)
17>18 June | Paris
Commodity Trading Golf Cup & Cocktail - by invitation only
27 June | Geneva

This month we support Estelle, she is 25 years old and will run her first Marathon in Geneva on Sunday May 12, 2019. For this occasion she created a fundraising for the association “Eva pour la Vie” fighting against children cancers, supporting research and helping sick children families.

Ampersand World supports various foundations contributing to improve education development, all around the world. When you work with us, a percentage will be given to the foundations we support. For more information, please contact