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Just as you don't go off on an adventure without doing some basic preparation, being well-prepared when it comes to looking for a new professional opportunity is crucial.
Whether you're actively looking for a job or just thinking about the options available to you, you should be armed with an effective communications kit.

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Each working day is an opportunity to stand out and make progress within your organisation. Despite this, things don't always go as planned and frustrations often arise as a result of lack of recognition.
Nothing is a given, which is why it is important to invest in yourself regularly and have a career plan to follow. Be shrewd and bold.

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Need to succeed in your career Transition

Our outplacement solutions are the ideal way for managers and HR professionals in the commodity trading and trade finance sectors to support employees through phases of transition and restructuring. Our consultants are specialists in the commodity trading sector and are here to help simplify your procedures and provide effective support to departing employees.

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Take advantage of the period to take stock!


Progress, retrain, undertake or take stock. Get essential answers and unleash your full potential

Our Career Booster preferences and personalities questionnaires answer the essential questions you need to ask yourself in order to develop your professional project. For those who are wondering about their future, for those who feel this desire for retraining, our tools and our thinking support solutions are gifts to give or to offer ourselves.

  • + 30 min of personalised debrief
  • Improve self-knowledge
  • Discover its real potential
  • A complete report and graph of your profile and talents
  • And more...
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