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AWA - Ampersand World Africa

Ampersand World Africa is here to help you create, develop and boost your competitiveness and performance by selecting the very best talent for you. Discover our services

International standards, local solutions

In the capacity of a foremost Swiss agency, our resolute commitment lies in harnessing our extensive repertoire of experience and specialized proficiency to provide unwavering support to Africa's steadfast pursuit of ascending to a formidable echelon within the global economic arena. The imperative for a cogent and meticulously structured approach to talent acquisition, training, and skills refinement is growing increasingly conspicuous within the intricate fabric of our interconnected world. In an era where differentiation amidst relentless competition presents a formidable challenge, the exigency for a strategic paradigm shift has become paramount. In response to this exigency, the inception of AMPERSAND WORLD AFRICA (AWA) came to fruition with the express purpose of emboldening and elevating your aspirations through the cultivation of a streamlined and professionalized human resources management framework.

Harnessing our recruitment prowess, we adeptly secure fresh talent, elevate employee proficiencies, and strategically amplify your organizational voice through globally impactful forums and conferences.

Our comprehensive offerings extend beyond sourcing top-tier candidates, encompassing the adept integration of strategic tools, digital platforms, and the orchestration of impactful international events and forums, all aimed at elevating the professionalism of African HR and talent management within AWA's purview.

AWA Ampersand World Africa
AWA Ampersand World Africa


We foster robust partnerships with industry leaders and prestigious international trade training institutions, encompassing logistics, finance, and management disciplines. This synergy empowers us to source candidates of exceptional skill, distinct personalities, and extensive experience poised to meet your challenges and align with your corporate culture.

Leadership (CEO, CFO, Director, Committee Member)
Management Roles (Sales Directors, Marketing Directors, Technical Directors, Communication Directors, etc.)
Experts in Trading Professions (Traders, Business Developers, Marketers, Operators, Analysts, Risk Specialists, Legal Experts)
• Commodities (Agriculture, Energy, Metals)
• Banking and Finance
• International Trade (Marketing, Logistics, etc.)
"AWA Executive" is our headhunting division, specialized in sourcing exceptional talent. We offer targeted selection and research solutions through specific expertise and a tailored approach.

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AWA Ampersand World Africa
AWA Ampersand World Africa
AWA Ampersand World Africa

Training & Coaching

Collective and individual support measures that allow for optimizing and developing the performance of teams and/or leaders by clarifying their professional identity and promoting their growth are essential for the sustainability and expansion of companies.

AW Academy
A series of recognized experts offer practical training workshops on various subjects such as commodities trading, finance, and transportation-logistics.
Personnalized one-on-one coaching
For executives, achieving tangible results – revealing and fulfilling their full personal and professional potential and removing or avoiding any obstacles they may encounter on their way – is crucial.
Committees, employees
Group coaching
This group training is based on an effective approach that aims to make the most of your employees’ potential and develop their leadership skills and efficiency in carrying out their individual tasks.

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AWA-Ampersand World Africa

Business Events

We regularly organise events in both Geneva and Africa that are directly related to the world of international trade, including business lunches, AWA Mornings, our annual Commodity Trading Golf Cup, Happy Hours and bespoke events.
These initiatives serve as opportunities to establish new relationships and build your network, whether social or professional. Their aim is to encourage attendees to find common ground or to focus on specific themes and through them we have been able to forge close relationships with most stakeholders in the international trade scene, from both the private and public sectors.

We have been involved as partners and co-organisers in a range of international events and fora held in Africa.

AWA-Ampersand World Africa
Sponsor our events
Sponsoring our events is a great way for companies to demonstrate their commitment to major stakeholders in the world of international trade. We offer many different types and levels of partnerships.
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