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Ampersand World was born from a meeting, a shared ambition, a mutual desire and a fortuitous set of circumstances.

It resulted from an encounter between Penda Coulibaly and her partners, both from the world of trading, who knew how to captivate and convince investors into believing in a totally novel business plan.

They had the foresight to have an entrepreneurial vision and a desire to break through the usual boundaries found in the world of recruitment.

They knew that they could help increase the performance of firms in the trading sector by developing a company’s human capital.

They were aware that they had chanced upon a fantastic opportunity as companies were beginning to understand the challenges involved in managing their ‘talent capital’ and the importance of investing in staff development. In trading as elsewhere, the extent to which human capital plays an active and key role in an organisation’s success was evident.

They opted for Geneva, an international city with strategic importance in the world of commodities trading, their core sector. Nowadays, Ampersand World is a key specialist recruitment partner for the world of trading, shipping and trade finance.